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  1. Douangdala OUDOMCHITH


  2. Adem Özer

    272 millions Islamist

  3. bridie

    i miss this time

  4. Zakwan Tholhath

    Make greg pauls life a movie i just heard the greg paul impaulsive episode that is inspirational as fuck

  5. Andrea Palad

    2021 and I still fucking love this lawl pretty much still deserved this

  6. SlowDead


  7. 204 Jacob

    whos here in 2021?

  8. jaxstrawwjr_YT

    I miss the old days of life

  9. Isaac HAUZEL

    And still Mike called him a dickrider 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Dylan Fulton

    God bless you all

  11. Drippzy Henrick

    Logan is a beast

  12. Shammi Dubey

    The dog barks and everyone is like "exactly"..😂

  13. Martha Isho



    Mike just casually drinking and texting while driving in the background.

  15. swiftpot

    okay but.. WHY?



  17. Shwerib

    imagine if Ayla saw this

  18. Mohammad Taseen Hossain

    why are you not uploading dude

  19. Krish Parti

    i cant stop watchinng this even after the fight

  20. Georgi Krastev

    u cant pull out 2 charizards bro it the same one

  21. Melvyn Foo

    Lmao it’s just a pokemon card. What’s so nice and expensive about it?

  22. Son of God

    341 594

  23. Xavi en acción!


  24. Alex Delano


  25. Stinky

    When your still listening to thins 4 years later

  26. spzbluedude

    20 years later or we fly her out to LA wait we have been saying this for 20 dam years ahhh

  27. Jayden Le Grange

    Who is watching this in 2028

  28. Izabella Rogalewska

    Man can you send me one pack

  29. Morgan Larivee

    I don't think I have ever seen Evan cry before. I think Evan needs to wear merch to make him feel better. Sorry for you loss.

  30. plzjustcallme_Mecha

    Hit the subscribe button!!!!

  31. Bernou Fly

    Go ibratv. 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  32. Sokvitou Sovann

    Hi I’m from 2021🤣

  33. TreNdZ tIme

    How much Fousey tube 🥴😂

  34. Alex Domingo

    who can said me the song ??? its awesome !!!

  35. Vsiq7j _

    4:54 😂😂

  36. NILLL

    Santa after 3 years *Breaking My Silence*

  37. Ansh Sinha

    Still here in 2021

  38. Cam

    Ngl may have shed a tear

  39. gil Shoresh

    You don’t ship merch to Israel?!? Wtf

  40. Jan Aldrich

    Yo logan ur weak asf supot ahahah

  41. Sunita Thalangproa


  42. lego revew

    The dont be selfish thing had me

  43. Bubblegamebitchx x

    whos here looking for mirandas comment..... just me ok.

  44. Unknown Entity

    What is this song at the beginning?, catchy as fuvk

  45. Dory

    i hate that this is kinda good

  46. Kek x

    @loganpaul L

  47. brett p

    the intro reminded me of how to basic

  48. is3od7

    1 people Like u make it harder to live in venice 2 Y do u need to ruin stuff and scream everywere 3 drone's are illegal for safety reasons 4 ur just acting dum

  49. Neenah Rose

    I miss when Jake and Logan were like this😕

  50. Michael Ryan

    Looks like no one came here for a while

  51. Browserbeast

    Support from India 🇮🇳❤♥🙌💙🙏

  52. Kerry-Anne

    So sweet to help the homeless man - you are full of goodness Logan & friends

  53. carson Ware

    Look at Kong's chip so you can see ware the body is

  54. brett p

    he acts so immature and weird in these vids glad he’s better

  55. Meipi Mbiripipo

    This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Trippy Doge

    I wouldn’t be surprised if her name was Karen

  57. DarkLordDainos

    0:02 4:49 12:58

  58. YNG LEON

    1:20 they actually were aliens

  59. Hina Omar

    Are these real criminals

  60. PhantaSage

    You had One Job Mike 5:54

  61. Marinda space

    Shut up you sore loser and accept your lose.

  62. Riv Nana

    Anyone from 2021 here?

  63. Kareem Mohamed

    How much you pay about that trash

  64. Nicholas Lees

    Great fight! Fair play to both of you making the mullla 👊🏽 Floyd did get you all jelly legged at one point though, but it’s okay you both hugged it out (he held you up) 😉

  65. Issam VLOG


  66. tejay singh

    That's [email protected]


    Who is watching this after logan paul vs floyd mayweather

  68. Munir Ghadban

    Man logan just always looks for fights then loses, like why?

  69. NiceClocks Btw_

    Even though logan is really loud but i respect his love to animals and his care about them.

  70. calvin philip

    Logan you are dream man it's just voice changer

  71. Mustafa Sharify

    Is that lana rheodes

  72. An actual Moose

    Oh god, now it’s a reality

  73. Alan Finlay

    Start doin more videos like this ❤️❤️from Scotland

  74. n3bz

    this still slaps we need diss tracks back

  75. Daniel

    Anyone here 2021 cuz the drama

  76. Lars Mau

    Raid shadow legends

  77. Dragon 0OnlyFans Fans

    Bro lanas face tho I paid 10k for this shit 😂😂